Energy Healing & Reiki


Energy Healing

Reiki is a spiritual practice that guides energy throughout the body to promote a person's self-healing abilities. At Eutierria Wellness, our holistic Reiki practitioner brings healing to her clients in a serene environment that provides a comfortable space to relax, connect, and bring balance to the mind, body and soul.

Woman performing reiki massage on client


Shifting our mindset will make the difference in how we think, how we talk to ourselves and how much we can achieve. Keeping our mind clear promotes mental focus and releases stress, anxiety and depression. Reiki healing can help release blocks from childhood trauma, or current traumatic situations in your life including grief. Those in business and Entrepreneurs use reiki to clear their mind, strengthen intuition and work with energy to manifest and learn how to use the laws of attraction. The mindset is our key to creating the life we want, attracting everything we dream of.

woman meditating during sunrise


Reiki can soothe the nerves, allowing muscles to relax and the mind and body to become balanced once again. Energy work can help manage conditions such as chronic pain, fatigue, depression, anxiety, side effects from chemotherapy, physical pain and restlessness....just to name a few.

Woman having reiki massage done


Our Reiki practitioner connects with the natural energies within the body. Energy flows through the practitioner, to the client. This extends to the soul and the life that it brings to the body and mind. Emotional wounds, imbalances, and trauma can often leave the soul feeling drained and in need of relief. Reiki energy healing helps to release trauma (past and present), old, emotional wounds, and resets the body to a more balanced state. This reset helps to support and nourish the inner soul, throughout your healing journey.

woman sitting on cliff looking at the ocean


Getting in touch with your inner-self will help pave the way to mind & body wellness. Through meditation and energy healing, we release old patterns in our life that are no longer working.

At Eutierria we work as a team to offer services that complement each other. Reiki is a wonderful service to pair with counseling, nutrition, meditation, sound healing, massage, vitamin infusions and detoxification services. Keeping our mind and body healthy is also the key to strengthening intuition (our inner compass), raising our vibrational frequency and growing spiritually. This energetic connection will help you stay grounded, leading to a more balanced and happy lifestyle.

Your wellness goals are our priority at Eutierria. We are dedicated to bringing you the latest, unique services that you can’t find at most places. If you have any questions about Reiki and how it can assist you in your health and healing journey, please don’t hesitate to call (585) 230-0910 or email Gina, our energy healing practitioner.